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Middle Eastern Style Dinner Party Menu

If you're looking to cook out of your comfort zone this is a great dinner party menu, with a bit of everything. Each dish is great visually, which is ideal for a dinner party. The plates lined up also offer a variety of heavenly flavours and wonderful textures. I was cooking for a group of six and it was well received by everyone, so would recommend. See below for a run through of each dish and link to the full recipes.

From left to right:

Top left

Cassava Chips, slow roasted in a generous amount of garlic butter, green chillies & coriander - see recipe here

Bottom left

Homemade hummus dressed with panfried aubergines & crisped, smoked paprika chickpeas - see recipe here


Chicken Mussakhan, roasted chicken in a variety of middle eastern spices, on a bed of naan bread and topped with caramelised sumac spiced red onions and pine nuts - see recipe here

Top left

Za'atar spiced lentils topped with cumin roasted butternut squash, smoked seeds and pomegranate seeds - see recipe here

Bottom left

Green salad with a lemon vinaigrette and avocado - see recipe here

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