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5 Minute side salad

Serve this pesto pomegranate and peanut salad as the perfect side dish, or top with pan fried lemon and garlic chicken/ grilled halloumi for a quick & easy lunch.

Serves - 2/3 (2 if the only side) Prep - 10 mins Cook - 15 mins



  • A bag of green salad leaves (i'm using a watercress, rocket and spinach mix)

  • 2 tsp pf pesto

  • Roasted nuts (ideally peanuts / walnut or pine)

  • Olive oil

  • pomegranate seeds


1. Place the leaves to a big bowl, top with the pesto, drizzle with a small amount of olive oil (around 0.5 of a tsp) and mix together coating the leaves..

2. Chop the nuts and scatter over the leaves. If you only have un roasted nuts, roast them by adding to a non stick frying pan with no oil, cook for 5 min or until browned but not burnt.

3. Deseed a pomegranate and scatter on top of the nuts.



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